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Contemporary Cosmos (2015)

The Contemporary Cosmos Serie has been one of a long story.
Took the powders from India and kept those for years. Inspired by
how people meet and how they connect, I started looking for ways
that enable me to mix, blend and muddle the powders in an area
over one square meter. Taking a single shot.

-125 x150 cm | inch Edition of 3 + AP

Also availeble 
– 70 X 70 CM | 27,6 INCH X 27,6 INCH EDITION OF 9 +2 AP
– 35 X 35 CM |27,6 INCH X 27,6 INCH EDITION OF 12 +2 AP


Project СИЗО

The powerful elimination of the sad.
By far the most improvised project I did in years.

It started with the very news of a - literally- collapsed life.
Any kind of dream totally destroyed. You see frustration and aggression.
But at the same time by breaking these glass plates, I created these colorfull
composits that somehow creates happiness.

You can see a movie here how СИЗО is made.


Water Sculpture

Playing around with reflections, gravity and composition always challenge me.

Air bubbles i sometimes use to create abstract borders and dark relfexions on mu objects. Creating bubbles, in bubbles. In bubbles and so on. You get a abstract photo structure . Sometimes I combine air bubbles with bruut force. The more bubbles the more reflection.