Happy Collector, Happy Artist...

Artworks can be collected for many reasons and different occasions.
Over the years there has been a variety of collectors supporting Michael’s Fine Art.

Private collectors

Through private collectors in Europe, USA, and Netherlands 


Michael’s work has lot’s of potential, value and revenue.

Corporate Acquisitions

Through recognised corporate institutions Michaels work has been acquired.

Temporary Display
Like to have access to Michael’s work, when you have an exciting event or a unique location where my artwork can flourish and be displayed for the people to marvel.

If you would like to have artwork with a flexible deal such as replacements, monthly payments, lease or rent, contact him, and he would surely work something out. 

#Dare to Ask!

If  any artwork could help, establish great things; feel free to contact him. He is always open to exciting ideas. 

Michael captures all kind of fine art photography – plus he has sponsored some huge event including pink ribbon.Kindly contact him for any sponsoring proposal. 

Special occasions
Michael artworks have featured in special occasion inspiring monumental moments. However, his works for these events are mostly assignments.
Contact him for more info.